All main courses are served with a free portion of basmati rice

To avoid wasting food, let us know if rice is not needed. Thanks.
Please note that Indian tandoori breads: Naan, Garlic, “Kulcha” or Paneer naan, may lose their crispiness during transportation due to condensation processes in the package and becomes a bit rubbery. Other Indian breads – whole wheat paratha, lacha paratha, buckwheat bread, missi roti and naan-e-bah khummach stay in better condition during transportation.

Special offer for you:

10% discount on takeaway food (except for daily lunch and other special offers).
On weekdays at noon (11:30 – 15:00), 25% discount on main courses.

Call us by phone: +37062627196

Food for home / office:

Special offers on the “Wolt” app – www.wolt.com

Special offers on the “Bolt Food” app- https://food.bolt.eu/

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