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Blog Užkalnis announces: you don’t have to like the best 2021 restaurants in Lithuania

Užkalnis announces: you don’t have to like the best 2021 restaurants in Lithuania

Hello, and I look forward to the holidays with you. May the years be happy, rich (as they were) and healthy for you. Respect your body as a temple, take care of what you put into yourself, and for you to do that, I will use my body as a gambling house and a gas station on the road where it accepts everyone around the clock.
The most responsible moment of the year is the list of the top 25 restaurants where I go myself and where I make friends, and the places I recommend and for which I am fully responsible. Of course, mistakes happen to everyone (absolutely everyone), but let me explain: if you go somewhere with an attitude that you don’t like, but you still go because you want to prove that the Hill is wrong, this is your problem and you will be punished for doing so. . Here's the same thing as "I didn't buy a dumpling in Užkalnis, it didn't even eat a dog": in Lithuania, there were fifty thousand dogs that tried to feed me dumplings and didn't think that the puppies had a completely different food. Ask your veterinarian, they will recommend. Bring four-legged food from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Austria with a good grain, the right choice - and choose it.
It won't be the biggest list of failures this year, although Domino's pizzas coming to Lithuania this year would certainly belong to it: a great, powerful, long-established American network produces very good, sometimes more negligent, chaotic and disrespectful market entry could not be imagined. When you can’t process orders and just disconnect the published phone number and tell customers the phone isn’t working for some reason, that’s not what.
Some restaurants may be upset if they don’t find themselves on the list. It doesn’t necessarily mean something wrong. Maybe I just didn't have time to go there in a year - you can't blame me for spending the winter and part of the spring in Nida, and all the fall and December in Italy, so I don't get to visit everything. Others may need time to rest and recuperate. 
Here is a list below of good eating for all to come. The order is random, so the second number is not necessarily better than the seventh and the like.
Blue Lotus, Vilnius There is little Indian food in Lithuania, much less good. These curry and chili pepper houses are a very good time to hit, and the meager addition of Thai dishes is very gratifying in a country where there isn’t a single Thai restaurant worth mentioning yet. Review: "My work is influenced by Indian drugs" (
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